Through our global, full-service real estate platform, we uncover the intelligence and insights needed to predict and analyse changes in the dynamic retail landscape. Coupled with the extensive experience of our professionals, we tackle the most complex retail challenges, with solutions that enhance competitive advantage by impacting bottom line performance and topline business value.

Whether it's creating value for property owners or managing an aggressive retail expansion strategy for tenants, the CBRE Retail team is committed to serving its clients by executing forward-looking real estate strategies that consistently achieve desired objectives.

Our team of specialists is well positioned to assist landlords and retailers, with a transaction track record of high street site acquisitions and shopping center leasing across India, as well as strategic consulting assignments for a number of international brands and landlords. We develop property solutions based on a deep understanding of our clients’ business needs, retail landscape, and real estate market dynamics Working seamlessly across our offices and business lines, tapping our proprietary database of active private and institutional investors, we ensure maximum exposure for each opportunity.


  • For Occupiers

  • Expansion Strategy and timeline planner
  • Full acquisition role, including property location reviews, leveraging landlord relationships, negotiation and execution
  • Understand the brand, the competitive landscape and ensure that there is a proper alignment of strategies
  • For Developers

  • In-depth market analysis to support retail development, including consumer and retailer surveys, site reviews and competitor benchmarking
  • Shopping center analysis and recommendations on market positioning, tenant mix optimization, financial analysis and concept design and brief
  • Planning shopping centers with optimum customer flow and increasing retailer interest / performance
  • Complete project leasing services, including identifying and connecting with suitable brands, project marketing, negotiating lease terms and executing contracts
  • Planning

  • Increase competitiveness by identifying sites and markets that resonate best with your brand
  • Obtain network and operational efficiencies, while maximizing the market potential
  • Market entry, optimization and expansion strategies flexible enough to add value in any phase of a client’s business life cycle
  • Build quantified 3 to 5 year strategies based on a combination of rigorous analytics and local market insights

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